Service Gear

All repairs are done on-site by a certified and licensed technician team.

Regulator and BCD Service

Regulator Overhaul Service
Overhaul Service is a complete rebuild of all stages with new manufacturer parts performed according to specifications. Adjustments of inhalation and exhalation efforts along with inter-stage pressure settings are performed to manufacturer specifications. Parts NOT included in the price of service. Parts kits pricing may vary between manufacturers. 

Regulator Service – Mail In
Service price does NOT include parts or shipping. Parts kits pricing may vary between manufacturers.

$35 per stage
BCD Service
B.C.D Service is just as important as any other equipment service. Power inflators are commonly overlooked which can results in an auto inflating BC. Power inflators can be serviced or economically replaced. RE valves (rapid exhaust valve) must also be check for proper operation. Parts are NOT included in service price. 

BCD Service – Mail In
Service price does NOT include parts or shipping.

$35 per BCD

Does your local dive shop NOT service your brand of regulator?
Send it to us and we will service it and send it back to you.

Send to:
DiverCity Scuba
3016 Land O’ Lakes Boulevard
Land O Lakes, FL 34639
Please Include: Name, Phone Number, Return Address, and Services Requested.

DiverCity is the ONLY Suunto Factory Authorized service center in Tampa and surrounding areas. Do you need your Sunnto Dive Computer’s battery replaced, a new Suunto screen guard, have a old/worn Suunto band? Let us replace it. We offer a wide array of Suunto products and services to meet all of your diving needs. We can handle that and more! Call us today or ship your Suunto device directly to us for repair.

Battery Replacement
The battery and battery compartment o-rings are replaced and in some cases the battery compartment door is replaced. Mosquito (D3), Sting, Spyder, and D-Series computers are leaked test in the BERGEON 5555 WATCH PRESSURE TESTER and put through a test dive to 130’ in the pressure pot to check the computer functions properly.
Shipping Instructions
Pack your computer or console in a box with at least 2” of padding (bubble wrap or paper) on all sides. Shipping a dive computer, no matter how small, in an envelope risks significant damage to the computer. Please include your name, phone number, and return address within the package.
Send to:
DiverCity Scuba
3016 Land O’ Lakes Boulevard
Land O Lakes, FL 34639
2 Year / 200 Dive Service
Suunto recommends that your computer be serviced every two years or after 200 dives (whichever comes first). During the 2 Year / 200 Dive Service, every O-ring in your Suunto dive computer is replaced, your computer is cleaned, the battery is replaced and a pressure test is performed.
RUSH Service
Rush service is available for an additional charge; however, you must write RUSH on the outside of the shipping box. We will provide one business day turn around for in house repairs (return shipping time is based on service selected and is not part of the one business day turn around). Please call 813-388-6856 for more details.
Strap Replacement
Replacement of strap, screws, and pins is included in the Strap Replacement Service.
We warranty all service, labor, and parts for a period of 90 days.
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